Commandline Client

The commandline client MaxBack.VssClient is a tool to manage the MaxBack VSS Writer. Normally you use it only during the installation.


The help text from the command line is shown below for easy reference.

Maxback.Vssclient.exe [verb] [-option value] [-switch]

/? or –help Displays help for command

-d or –dbname Name of the database


Displays current instance configuration and license status.


This command creates a service instance for the MaxDb database and configures the connection to the database. When executed it will always update the password of user vsswriter.

Command options:


The username of the database administrator.

Can contain password in Maxdb syntax: username,password


Password for vsswriter user (optional)


Name of Log media to be used (optional)


Disconnects instance from the database Windows service will be removed and user vsswriter deleted.

Command options:


The username of the database administrator

Can contain password in Maxdb syntax: username,password


Gets the instance license key

The license key will be in the command output.


Installs license the license into the VSS Writer instance. If the license file requires activation, the command will request a new instance license from the dbosoft license server.

Command options:


The path to the license file


batch mode, prevents the query for a instance name.

Default instance name {hostname}_{dbname} will be used instead.


Add this option to request a temporary evaluation license.

Works only if you use a activateable license file.


Enables a configuration set

Command options:


The name of the config set. If not set the default configuration set will be enabled.

Supported values: Default, Veeam, AzureBackup


Triggers a autorecovery event without a entire VM / bare metal restore

Command options:


Path to the metadata file from the data volume restore


Batch mode, prevents that the session logviewer is started

All commands will automatically query for all required options if not set on command line.


Connect to instance

Maxback.VssClient.exe connect -d PRD -u control,secret

get instance key

Maxback.VssClient.exe getkey -d PRD

install license

Maxback.VssClient.exe instlicense -d PRD -f c:\license.lic